Bali Motorcycle School

We are a professional motorcycle school in Bali
We teach езда на any two-wheeled motorized transport, and our experienced instructors will help you achieve your goals and become a confident professional rider using only modern teaching methods.
We provide motorcycles or scooters for rent sale rent for our students at a favorable price after training.
Join us today and start moving safely and freely everywhere.


Transport and equipment included in the cost of the lesson


    This course consists of the most vital
    3 lessons.
    Here you will develop ability to ride safely.
    We will teach you techniques of basic control of throttle and brakes with proper use of body balance during riding a scooterThis course consists of the most vital

    3 lessons — 1 900 000 IDR
  • BASE

    Scooter or motorcycle. This 5 lesson course is all about learning the basic controls of throttle and the dual brake control techniques with proper use of body balance and emergency braking with lead-up exercises. Here you will be taught to understand the physics of the movement of the bike on slopes and on wavy roads of Bail. Also you will know how to control your bike at low speeds.

    5 lessons — 2 800 000 IDR


    Scooter or motorcycle. 7 lessons course with a full study of the basic and extreme braking, usage of counter-steering, balance of riding without hands, the basics of moto gymkhana, riding on rough terrain (hills, sand, dirt)

    7 lessons — 3 300 000 IDR

    Scooter or motorcycle. 10 lessons course for super skills in tight spaces, 180 turn on the spot, riding on any surface, with steep descents drifting in a skid

    10 lessons — 4 500 000 IDR

    5 lesson course.
    During the course, students learn various techniques for passing gymkhana, including turns, lane changes, counter steering, tilts at low and high speeds in a narrow space, and other maneuvers. Students also practice their skills on a special track, where they receive feedback from the instructor and improve their results with each lesson. The gymkhana course can be useful for both beginners and experienced motorcyclists who want to improve their driving skills. From the course, you will get a lot of emotions and pleasure from passing interesting and exciting tracks. It is possible to consider paired and team races or competitions.

    1 lesson — 990 000 IDR
    3 lessons — 2 500 000 IDR
    5 lessons — 4 000 000 IDR

    Training on a wheelie machine.
    is designed as a simulator for safe training of balance and skills in riding a motorcycle on the rear wheel. The simulator got its name from the stunt riding trick "Wheelie" (riding on the rear wheel). The simulator is an excellent way to gain a lot of pleasure from training super balance.
    40 min + 15 min secret technic

    1 lessson — 1 250 000 IDR
    3 lessons — 3 200 000 IDR
    5 lessons — 5 200 000 IDR
    7 lessons — 7 500 000 IDR
    10 lessons — 9 900 000 IDR

    One of the most difficult technical sports that requires physical strength, endurance, coordination and determination.
    Motocross can be practiced by adults and children from 6 years old.

    It Gives a really advanced knowledge of how to ride a motorcycle over rough terrain.

    The lesson lasts 80min

    1 200 000 IDR


    For correct your skills

    Upon completion of the training, you can obtain a driver's license granting you the right to operate a vehicle for a period of 5 years.


    At the end of the lesson, you can rent a transport: scooter or motorcycle from us at the best price.
5 facts about us that will help you make a choice


    We have pro motorcycle instructors. All instructors have big experience in teaching and high level training skills. They took part in a different kinds of motosports
    Before each session, the equipment undergoes a full technical inspection, checking the brakes, tires, and engine performance! All of the training vehicles are fully protected from damage and insured.

    We save your time and try to choose a schedule especially for you


    The first and only official motorcycle school in Bali! All of our instructors are licensed to teach.


    After lessons with us, you can rent a scooter or motorcycle at the best price for our students.


    Always with you!

    • Customer support throughout the course
    • Rent - technical support during the rental of transport
    • We always ready to provide any informative assistance to our client both during the training and after